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Flab Abdominal Skin? What to do…

November 24th, 2014 | Mass Bytes

Usually, when someone loses a lot of weight he or she end up with a lot of flab skin in the abdominal area.

So… Is there anything one can do to avoid or correct this issue?

Yes… there is…

Here are some tips you may want to follow:

  1. Live a healthy life
  2. Don’t lose weight too quickly
  3. Stay hydrated
  4. Eat properly
  5. Take care of your skin

But what can you do when the flab skin doesn’t react to the diet or exercise plan?

Well in this situation you may want to consider a tummy tuck.

It’s an expensive surgery with some risks (as all surgeries), but the result may be extraordinary.

tummy tuck before and after

Be aware that there will always be a scar… but in most situations, this scar will fade away almost completely.